Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All new sweet and sour fish!

After looking through the sales for the signature dishes, ayam percik didn't do quite well. Time for change! So I made a decision to replace it with sweet and sour fish. Priced at a decent rm18 nett with a reasonable amount of portion, it is one tasty signature dish that you simply must try when you're at The Roof.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nusantara Ramadhan Buffet

Hey people! Its been a while and The Roof is back now with all new promotions. To kick things off, check out the Nusantara Ramadhan Buffet below.

'Kampung styled' cooking like Lampung Goreng Berlado, Rendang Redas Tulang, Perut Lembu Masak Chili Padi, Nasi Minyak Dengan Almond, Nangka Muda Masak Lemak dengan Ikan Masin and many more traditional delights to wet your appetite this Ramadhan. As a special treat, we will be featuring Kampung Style Stalls with specialty dishes such as Penang Fried Kway Teow, Rojak, Nyonya Curry laksa and our star of the night BBQ Lamb will also be available to diners. Kurma or Dates will be given away to all diners.

Nusantara Ramadhan Buffet starts from 24 August 2009 to 19 September 2009 at 5.30 pm to 9.30pm. Price at RM55 nett for adult and RM28 nett for child below 12 years of age.

So do come and check out the Nusantara Ramadhan Buffet especially to all you Muslims who are fasting during this Ramadhan month.

For reservation/more information, please call (088)-522888 and ask for The Roof restaurant. Visit the Facebook page for this event at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=138079887753

p/s: Happy Fasting to all Muslims out there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happening Father's Day!

To be honest, I understand Father's Day is not that well celebrated here in Sabah compared to Mother's Day. So I'm quite happy that 100 people came for yesterday's Father's Day hi-tea special at The Roof. There were some complaints about the variety of food which I promise to improve in future events. Other than that, yesterday's hi-tea was a blast! The extra activities like cake decoration competition, fastest hot dog eater competition and hole in one putter competition had quite a number of fathers participating and attracted quite a crowd. Jacquelin the photographer and Greg the magician once again did a fantastic job just like during Mother's Day hi-tea promotion.

Many thanks again to the staff who did a great job. Especially my sales director Ya'kob who was the mc and made sure all activities run smooth and my f&b manager Liamis who worked hard despite the eye problem he had. Of course many thanks to those who attended the hi-tea. The Roof restaurant appreciates your support!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day hi-tea promotion!

After the much successful Mother's Day hi-tea promotion, everything is all set now for Father's Day! This Sunday, the Father's Day hi-tea session will be more spiced up compared to the one during Mother's Day. Check out the details...

For only RM25nett, Celebrate Father's Day on this 21st June 2009 (Sunday) from 12pm - 4pm at The Roof Restaurant!

Package Include :

* Complimentary Photo per table.
* Magic Show from 1pm to 2pm.
* 5th diners per table will be complimentary.
* 20% discount at Esprit shop, Warisan and 1Borneo
* 20% discount on all Reebok Men's items e.g Shoes, T. Shirts and others at Royal Sporting House, Warisan Square
* 30% discount on all Mizuno , Adamsgolf and Greg Norman at Golf House, Warisan Square.

*** Esprit, Royal Sporting House and Golf House discount are only valid for 1 day only 21st June 2009

Father's Day Activities!

- Dad's cake decoration competition (max 20 dads)
- Fastest Hog Dog eater competition ( max 20 dads)
- Hole in One putter competition

Yup! This time there will be complimentary discounts from Esprit, Royal Sporting House and Golf House plus cool activities! So give your dad a special treat this Sunday at The Roof. See you there and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

For reservation/more information, please call (088)-522888 and ask for The Roof restaurant. Visit the Facebook page for this event at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=91658883323

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaamatan Special!

Hey people! Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is this weekend and The Roof celebrates the event with a Kaamatan special hi-tea buffet on Sunday. Still at RM18nett, the hi-tea buffet will exclusively feature local traditional food such as Nasi Bukit, Jeruk Bosou and Bambangan. So come to the hi-tea this Sunday and try out the special Kaamatan menu prepared by The Roof's very own Chef Woni Dawai and Chef Roland Gedion.

Facebook page --->

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special discount for Maybankard users!

For those who dine in at The Roof, enjoy a special 10% discount from the ala carte menu if you happen to be a Maybankard user.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Mother's Day turnout!

It was a fantastic Sunday. What a bounce back from the previous Secretaries' Week promo. Yesterday's Mother's Day hi-tea promotion was a huge success with a turnout of 180 customers. I was really happy to see customers enjoying their meal and having a good time with their families. Speaking of that, I like to highlight two invited people that gave a big contribution to the success of yesterday's hi-tea session.

Jacquelin Ajuni - I needed a photographer to take photos as part of the Mother's Day promotion. Got Jacquelin to fill in the shoes and she did a fantastic job. Families who came for the hi-tea loved her work and were even willing to pay for extra shots. Great job Jacq! Check out her blog at http://caneeliea.com/ to see more of her work.

Greg Alvin - I call him Greg the magician or simply our local David Blaine. I met Greg for the first time last month and he showed me tricks & illusions that simply blew me away. From that moment, I just knew I had to have this guy for the Mother's Day promotion. Greg didn't disappoint and he simply wowed the customers during the hi-tea. Amazing stuff! Check out the videos below to see Greg at work.

Both tricks are merely teasers for the amazing stuff he can do like bending forks, switching cards in your hand without touching, tieing shoe laces without using his hands, etc. I simply recommend you people to have him if you plan to have a magician for any functions or events that you plan to organize.

Not to forget, the group of staff that worked hard during the hi-tea to make sure everything runs smooth and those who came as customers to support the event. Some of them even performed a singing session. There were minor hick-ups here and there but thankfully everything turn out just fine. Great job people!

Many thanks again to all that made Mother's Day hi-tea promotion a successful one. There is still room for improvement and I'm looking forward to The Roof's next promo, which is for the upcoming Kaamatan Festival.